Welcome to Aikido Maryland, Tenzankai!

Aikido is a peaceful, non-competitive Japanese martial art that uses graceful movements to neutralize an attack. Aikido martial arts training improves your physical ability, stamina, sensitivity and centeredness. The basics are practiced in a supportive environment with careful instruction and mutual cooperation. Aikido is fully engaging. Through training, the philosophy, technique, self-awareness and spirit merge. Aikido is practiced by men and women of all ages and can be adjusted to your current physical condition. With regular practice everyone sees progress. The practice of Aikido tempers the spirit and helps you to be more effective in your daily life.

The art of aikido is flexible and accommodates students with all kinds of training priorities. Aikido students can train with a goal of self-awareness and enrichment through the more meditative aspects of the art. Likewise, the aikido student can train with a goal of mastering a popular and proven street-effective self defense system against one or many attackers, with and without weapons.


The martial art itself is a comparatively “soft style,” meaning that attacks are defended against with movements that blend, capturing the attackers balance, and finishing with a throw or pin. The pins and throws often blend with a judo- or jiu-jitsu-like finish on the ground, pulling in aspects from the grappling arts. There are some strikes, but the intent is to capture the center and disrupt the attacker’s concentration. From there, it is on to a pin or throw, with the goal of avoiding injury to the genuine attacker when reasonably possible. In this way it differs significantly from “hard style” martial arts that train to achieve a submission through a beat-down of punches and kicks.

There is a weapons component. Aikido students train with a wooden knife, wooden sword, and wooden staff. At Aikido of Maryland, Tenzankai, we also incorporate contemporary weapons like trainer handguns and range weapons.


The Tenzan Aikido martial arts foundation is based in Seattle, Washington.  See the parent dojo for more information.